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  1. We’d intended to begin approaching Instant Classic a bit differently this week.  And it will be a bit different, but this is not The Big Change we’ve been toying with.  That change will just have to wait.  We’re feeling inspired.  Why?  We just came across a treasure trove of Blue Lagoon internet memorabilia.  We couldn’t resist.


    No one could.

    This week’s Instant Classic belongs to Brooke Shields.


    Her Blue Lagoon look in specific:


    And its obvious influence on a few of our favorite collections at NYFW.


    Mara Hoffman most especially.  (That’s her finale pictured above.)

    Actually, this is pretty different, no?  We’ve no modern day celebrity to point to and say “hey, she’s doing it this way.”  (Although there is one girl in particular who comes to mind.  She’s not terribly beachy though.  More on her next fortnight.)  We have Brooke:


    And we have the runway.

    One reason for this: Our next IC will very likely focus on the modern days gals riffing off this look.  We think it’s going to be big.  We think it, or a variation of it, is going to be The Next Look.

    Another reason: Fourteen-year-old Brooke can hold her own.  She doesn’t need no current starlet to help bolster this post (not that Stevie or any of our other ICs really have either).

    Without further ado, Brooke:


    Long. free.  Having fun hair.



    Mara Hoffman bookends, with Phillip Lim and Boy by Band of Outsiders in the middle.

    You see it, too? Especially at Mara Hoffman, but it was cityfied slightly for Phillip Lim and more manicured, smoother, with more defined waves at Boy.  All three are showing side-parted, beach hair.  Wild beach.  80s beach.  It’s coming back and we welcome it.  Long, glamazon, a little messy with waves, textured by the wind and the sun and salt water.  Blue Lagoon hair.

    It’s coming.

    Bonus: Here’s Brooke getting a little nervous: